Welcome to CamlinConnect Developer Portal

The Camlin Connect Developer Portal provides documentation and resources to help you get started quickly to build rich CX applications, keep up to date with new features and interact with the CamlinConnect Product and technical support team for feature requests and support queries.

Key Features


  • CamlinConnect is a product that enables people to design, assemble and deliver engaging omni-channel applications that will engage your customers on any-channel in a simple, concise and elegant manner. 

  • With a rich and powerful online studio to design, develop and manage connected Voice, SMS, Web, Mobile App, Smart Speaker, Chatbot and API applications.

  • Inbuilt auto-documentation service that uses AI technology that enables an application to write its own set of documents, so that documentation is always at hand.

  • Camlin Contact is an AI driven contact centre part of Camlin Connect

    • Camlin Voice

      • IVR style product with AI and Natural Language understanding, speech to text and text to speech capabilities.

    • Voice Biometrics

      • Applications templates an Integration with multiple voice biometrics engines, including management consoles

    • Camlin Video

      • API driven video conferencing and calling service

    • Camlin Chatbot

      • An AI driven chatbot that can also interact with the web pages that it sits on top of

  • Centralised & secure Data Management, reporting and analytics.

  • Elastic-scalability

  • Telco-grade service-level availability management, monitoring, alarming and reporting